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Splash & Fun


Refresh yourself in our play area! Splash & Fun is a place of entertainment and fun underwater for the whole family, with games inspired by Greek mythology. Children from 0 to 12 years old will have a great time in a safe, shallow play area, accessible to any user, engaging and interactive.


  • Hydra of Lerma Boat: a game of sensations and learning. It has two slides from the platform at a height of 1050 cm with hydrostatic arrival, and various water effects.
  • Arches and Dragon: a game with group participation. It consists of three arches with water effects. Columns of Olympus with the dragon’s head.
  • Water bell: a game of sensations and learning. When the pot is full, a cascade of water bathes everything around it.
  • Killer whale: experimental and creative play. A killer whale on a Greek column, with a water cannon effect.
  • Water dome: discovery game, with falling water with a dome effect.
  • Tilting cubes: a game of action and reaction. As they fill up, the contents bathe the users.
  • Water cannons: interaction game.

Splash & Fun Rules

Opening hours: 10:00-18:00

  • Shower before entering
  • Use swim nappies
  • Use appropriate swimwear
  • Use flip-flops or appropriate footwear
  • Children must be accompanied
  • No running
  • No climbing on the slides
  • No glass containers allowed
  • In case of an accident, contact reception or lifeguard.