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Our mission

We work to improve a little every day.

At Smy Hotels, we want to offer experiences that make their mark in hotels located in the best locations and with a sustainable tourism model with respect for people and the environment.

To us, our customers trusting us to stay is a great responsibility. Therefore, all of us who are part of the Smy Hotels family try to outdo ourselves by giving our best every day so that our guests enjoy the Smy Hotels experience.


We try to be at the forefront of technology, to offer innovative products that improve the customer experience in our hotels. An example of this is our app, which aims to facilitate the needs that may arise during the stay and streamlines processes in the hotel.

Excellent locations

Our hotels are located in unique and different enclaves. On the beachfront, at the foot of ski slopes, in idyllic Tuscan landscapes or dreamy cities such as Rome.


All our hotels have restaurants that live up to the local gastronomy. Because travelling is much more than visiting new places, it is also understanding local traditions from their local products and more typical food.


At Smy Hotels, we strive to make the customer live different experiences. Therefore, we take care of every detail and make it one of the values that define us as a hotel company.

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