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Why we like Italy?

However you look at it, and whichever way you live it, Italy is a fascinating country. Extraordinary, unique, full of treasures. Due to its food, culture, history, the diversity of its landscapes, the richness of the climate, for the joy of its people. Italy is passion for beauty and life; Italy is where you can discover the real pleasure of travelling.

We love Italy for its love for good food, its wines, its gelato. So much so that gastronomy could be the main reason to visit the country. But not to forget about its impressive historical legacy, its cities and monuments, all that intense beauty, so universal. Or its landscapes and climate, the strength of the Alps, the softness of Tuscany, the joy of its sun and sea villages.

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Makasar bistro



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Trevi Fountain


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Life is a journey. Who travels, lives twice.

– Anonymous