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About Us

At your service

At Smy Hotels, our main goal is that our guests have an excellent experience in our hotels.

Hospitality, superior service and our commitment to the local environment and culture are our main premises.

To achieve this, we propose a new hotel concept that combines the best of traditional hospitality with cutting-edge technology applied to customer service.

SMY Hotels

Our mission: satisfied people in our hotels.

“Much more than a bed” is the motto on which we base our business service idea.

At Smy Hotels, we want to create experiences, make dreams come true, that our customers obtain intangible services far beyond accommodation, that they return home with unforgettable memories.

Because after all, what’s left then is that, memories.

SMY Hotels

Our responsibility

Our hotels are located in magnificent enclaves where the product and local employees are key to making our guests’ stay unforgettable.

That is why we cannot forget our commitment to the environment and sustainable development that allows both the social and economic well-being of the area and the protection of the environment.
SMY Hotels

Our commitment

At Smy Hotels, we comply with the strictest quality protocols to always offer an optimal service.

To do this, we use cutting-edge technology to achieve great process efficiency among all the people who make up the large family of a hotel: staff, guests, intermediaries, administration.

SMY Hotels

Our human team

We train our staff to make them feel part of a large family. We are committed to tailor-made training and development plans so they can reach their full potential. At Smy Hotels, we think that creating good work synergies translates into optimal results, and that is only achieved when our teams do their best, so our main goal is to support and incentivise them to achieve their goals.


Our values

Optimal service

Do not wait to complain, we are here to help.

At Smy Hotels, we have a vocation for things done well.

Efficiency and modernity

We are committed to new technologies to deliver better services and user experience.

Social and environmental responsibility

We develop sustainable policies with our environment and society.

Work responsibility

We are committed to global personnel policies and professional career development and training.